Abraham Lincoln: Trivia

About Abe Lincoln: DID YOU KNOW . . . ?

PM Lincoln 1846This is the first known photo of Lincoln.
It was taken in 1846, when Lincoln  was 37.

Did you know . . . ?

♦  Lincoln hated being called “Abe” and preferred to be called “Lincoln.”

♦  Lincoln’s wife said his hobby was cats. He loved them, and his cat sat at the White  House dinner table while Lincoln fed “Tabby” with a gold fork.

♦  Lincoln was the tallest president (6’4”). He weighed 180 lbs. His hat size was 7 1/8,   and his shoe size between 12 and 14.

♦  Lincoln's favorite foods were oysters, fruit, and chicken casserole.

♦  Lincoln's stovepipe hat was his “desk” and “filing cabinet.” He kept his mail, bankbook and  important papers there.

♦ The suit Lincoln wore to Ford’s Theater the night he was shot was made by Brooks Brothers.

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