And now . . . the question!

PM-carnac-the-magnificentJohnny Carson as "Carnac the Magnificent"  divines the answer to the question in the unopened, hermetically sealed envelope -- kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall's porch for two days.

A. Bambi, the White House lawn, and the new TV season.

And now, Carnac opens  the envelope for  . . . the question:

Q. Name a fawn, a lawn, and a yawn.

But what of the White House lawn?  Like many houses, the White House has a front yard and a backyard.  The front yard is the North White House Lawn and the backyard is the South White House Lawn. 

The North Lawn is bordered by Pennsylvania Avenue and has a semicircular drive leading to the White House. (Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) Visiting dignitaries are welcomed here, and White House correspondents usually stand on the North Lawn to broadcast TV news.

The  South Lawn is large, long, and wide and is the site of recreational activities. It has, for example, a jogging track, tennis courts, swimming pool, vegetable garden, and swing set.  It is the site of the annual Easter egg roll and tee ball game and is also where the White House helicopter lands.

♦  Want to go to the White House Easter Egg Roll?  Visit for information on tickets (free).

♦  JUST FOR FUN:  For all "Carnac the Magnificent" aficionados -- here's a video just for you. 

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