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"The President Did What?" ( Presidential Trivia Quiz & Mini-Biographies). Go behind the scenes at the White House to discover intriguing details about the presidents, facts few are aware of and that the presidents might not want known. Perfect for trivia lovers, quiz fans, history buffs -- anyone looking for a fun, challenging read. A great book for the coffee table, bathroom, or bedroom -- or to take along to the beach. Great for kids, too! Just the thing for reluctant readers or for kids who think that history is a bore.

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BLOG: Did You Know?

A fully illustrated blog featuring “Did You Know?” facts, amusing anecdotes, and memorable quotations about: (1) The U.S. Presidents (from Washington through Obama); (2) The First Ladies; (3) Presidential Families and Pets; and (4) The White House.

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Welcome to "The President DId What?"

PM-carnac-the-magnificentWhile You're here, Visit the BLOG Page!

Here you'll find fascinating facts &  intriguing anecdotes related (sometimes loosely) to the theme of The President Did What?

In this post, for example, "Carnac the Magnificent" (Johnny Carson)  divines the answer to the question in the hermetically sealed, unopened envelope. 

 "The answer is: Bambi,  the White House Lawn, and the new TV season."

Now Carnac will open the envelope and read the question. 

WHAT IS THE QUESTION?  To find out (and to divine its loose connection to the site's theme), go to THE BLOG!